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Germany is ....

  • Home of castles, fairies, medieaval cities, but also centuries old tradition of good craftsmanship.
  • Home of famous scientists, composers, philosophers: Ever since Western Europe has embarked on the quest for development in the fields of science, culture, humanities, famous Germans had the priviledge to make substantial contributions
  • Home of modern technolgy, in medical and other relevant developments. Names like Siemens, like Draeger, like Maquet, to name some of the German companies specializing in medical equipment stand for new concepts to improve the quality of service in the medical field
  • Home of medical science development. Conrad Roentgen, Max von Pettenkofer, Ferdinand Sauerbruch are famous reminders of the past. Today´s hospitals, over 2000, with a wide range of specialities offer any treatment that can be deemed helpful by medical science - and the so-called alternative medicine also has wide acceptance and a good reputation. German physicians make important contributions at every medico-scientific meeting worldwide and publish their findings in all major scientific journals.

If you check our Blog, you will read about some of the recent achievements in medicine in Germany.

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